Medical Email Marketing. Marketing and Sales Automation. Lead Tracking and CRM.

The tools you need to promote your medical practice

Lead Management

Medical Email Marketing

Send personalized and customized communication effortlessly with a remarkable smart email system.

Online Education

Online Medical Seminars

Use an integrated online training system that adds video seminars and education into your workflow to engage and motivate your leads.

Customer Relationship Management

Customer Relationship Management

Customer relationship management keeps you organized and aware of every change in your client's journey.

Lead Management

Medical Lead Management

Control the lead management process for changing interested leads into satisfied patients for your practice.

Secure Forms

Secure Forms

Use HIPAA compliant forms for insurance verification and pre-authorization or just to learn more about your leads.

Event Scheduling

Medical Event Scheduling

Manage phone meetings, one-on-one meetings, live seminars, and education programs easily with an online event calendar.

& Engage

Use multiple inbound channels to bring prospects to your landing pages and populate Influx MD.


& Track

Use carefully crafted multimedia content to nurture prospects and help them achieve their health goals.


& Manage

Convert more prospects to patients with streamlined sales workflow and marketing automation.


& Improve

Use actionable metrics to improve workflow, sales processes and conversion of prospects to patients.


One Year after implementing Influx MD we had increased surgical patient conversions by 543%

Nicole Basa, MD. & Alan Abando MD.
Bariatric Surgeons, Cedar Park Surgeons.

Small Practice

Increase Revenue

Converting leads to patients means more revenue and Influx will make sure you don't miss a single opportunity. Influx MD captures leads from forms, calls, and emails and starts marketing right away.

Improve Communication

Whether you're trying to communicate with your team, a lead, or a patient, Influx makes it easy. With internal messaging, a lead portal and both transactional and bulk email, Influx keeps everyone in touch.

Group Practice

Reduce Workload

Using event triggers, automated emails, video seminars and education, schedules and reminders, Influx removes repetitive and time-consuming lead related activities from your teams daily workflow.

Cloud Software

Influx Md is a Cloud-based software as a service. That means there is nothing to install, it is accessible from anywhere, and is fully managed on HIPAA compliant secure servers for data protection

Saas from ifX Medical
Hippa Compliant
Medical Practice Owner

Practice Owners

Influx MD improves marketing results and increases practice revenue. Here's how...

Practice Owners
Medical practice administrator


Manage your marketing, control costs and improve processes.

Medical Marketing Agency


Gain the advantage in your niche by proving ROI and adding service lines.