Add Call tracking with real-time updates to InfluxMD.

Influx integrates seamlessly with market leading call tracking software, helping marketers discover which campaigns are driving phone calls and text messages, and how those leads convert into sales.

Call Tracking

Call Tracking with Influx MD

Call Tracking Integration for Data-Driven Marketers

Call tracking integration with Influx automatically creates new leads from inbound phone calls or text messages or adds activities to existing contacts. Call recordings can be accessed directly inside of Influx, alongside robust call data including marketing source, PPC keyword, landing page, and call duration.

Integration with Influx MD enables marketers to:

  • Measure the true ROI of advertising with integrated, granular reporting for phone calls and text messages.
  • Evaluate phone call leads for a better idea of which marketing activities are truly driving sales.
  • Simplify lead management with automatic lead and activity creation from phone calls.

Call tracking integration is a premium add-on available on Professional and Enterprise pricing plans

Contact your support team for more information about call tracking.