Analyze and Improve Sales and Marketing

Measure and optimize to gain insights into marketing performance and opportunities for improvement

Define performance benchmarks and goals to use Influx MD’s advanced reporting solutions to monitor marketing campaigns and guide adjustments to achieve peak results.

Achieve Peak Results

Use benchmark reporting to monitor marketing and conversion goals at each point in the sales cycle to ensure maximum conversion for the lowest cost.

Identify and Track Actionable Metrics

Capture the metrics that matter with Influx MD. Aggregate data from all your marketing channels and campaigns and relate them directly to prospects acquired and leads converted into patients. Identify issues and take immediate steps to correct and maintain a high level of efficiency.

Improve your Online Marketing Strategy

The effectiveness of your website or landing pages at generating leads for your medical practice is the ultimate performance metric in a bariatric marketing program. Influx MD monitors performance metrics that track to specific marketing strategies. Use these performance metrics to guide resource allocation and marketing strategy adjustment to gain the best return on marketing investment possible.

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How Influx MD Measure & Optimize Conversion

Use benchmark reporting to monitor marketing and conversion goals at each point in the sales cycle to ensure every maximum conversion for the lowest cost.

Influx MD

Cover all angles with automated marketing

Use marketing automation software to coordinate, track and measure every aspect of your marketing to give you identify higher performing campaigns and enabling you to maximize your return on marketing investment.

Workflow Analysis

Streamline workflows for smoother sales

Quickly locate bottlenecks, leaks, and choke points while helping your team work smarter and faster. Influx MD manages your workflow setting benchmark thresholds at critical points to notify you and your team of performance issues.

Campaign Optimization

Find the profit producers

Benchmark campaign performance and locate the top performers. Use A/B testing to improve medium performers and reallocate funds from low performers to reduce waste.

Staff Training

Improve performance with targeted training

Bring your team up to speed quickly with marketing and sales training focused on gaining the best from your marketing automation software. While learning how to make the most of your software, your team will learn the fundamentals of medical sales and how to support marketing efforts to gain the most from every dollar you spend.