Attract and Engage Medical Leads

Acquire leads through any marketing channel and nurture them until conversion.

Use search engine marketing (SEM), social media marketing, business directories, and focused email campaigns to create multiple inbound channels capable of bringing more prospects and leads to your website.

Connect with prospects and engage them using carefully crafted multimedia seminars, education and promotional content.  Help prospects achieve their information and service purchasing goals with content that meets their education and information needs in a device independent format for easier consumption.

Create a reason to return

Release useful multi-media content on your website at frequent intervals with promotion through inbound marketing channels to increase return visits to a website and stimulate lead generation.

Start a conversation

Use emails, questionnaires, and forms to solicit feedback from website visitors. Once you learn the needs of your prospects, focus marketing efforts toward the solutions they are seeking.

More Patients With Less Effort See Pricing & Start Request a Demo

Increase Awareness for your Medical Practice.

Establish brand reputation across multiple channels.

Landing Pages

Leverage shorter paths to conversion

Remove distractions and confusion from your sales funnel and help search visitors become leads with landing pages dedicated to your primary services. Integrate landing pages for each of your campaigns into Influx MD to provide a deeper understanding of visitor motivation and test alternate messaging for fully optimized results.

Online Seminars

Take your message into people’s homes

Quickly transition visitors into your sales funnel with an online video seminar. Influx MD manages the entire video experience while closely tracking progress as part of your intake process. Serve quizzes, communicate with messaging and develop the relationship with leads that you need to turn them into patients.

Search Engine Marketing

Capitalize on Interest

Cut through competition and establish predictable traffic to your landing pages using paid advertising with major search engines. Capitalize on immediate needs with targeted search and building interest with display marketing. Use search metrics to define your targeting and quantify a consistent return on investment

Local Business Directories

Join the online local business community

Increase visibility across top tier business directories and gain greater coverage with your medical practice in natural search. Business directories increase credibility by validating the legitimacy of your medical practice. ch.

Email marketing

Reach out to people where they play and work

Employ intelligent email marketing to deliver relevant content to your prospect’s inbox. Deliver articles, videos and tips and receive feedback through forms and surveys. With email marketing you can initiate lead nurturing and encourage engagement as you move leads toward conversion.

Social Media Marketing

Diversify conversion paths

Use the precise demographic targeting possible though paid promotion on social media sites to find leads in need of your services. Target interests to increase the reach of your marketing and generate followers to build the power of social endorsement for your practice.