Medical Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

Create relationships with your customers that increase enrollment and referrals for your medical practice.

Contact Management

Increase Efficiency with Cloud Based Access to lead information

Keep all your leads in one place accessible by your entire team whenever they need it. Influx builds your contact management database from website forms, Facebook integration, phone calls, manual entry and imports from other applications.

One Page Lead Record

Save time and improve communication with leads

With a single page view of everything there is to know about a lead, every team-member has access to information about a lead when they need it.

Secure Communication

Keep communication channels open while maintaining security and privacy

Provide secure forms, email, and messaging to your leads so they can reach out for information quickly without compromising your responsibility for maintaining data privacy.

Email Integration

Keep all email communication within the lead record for clarity

With integrated email, Influx can send and receive email right from the lead record maintaining a complete history of all communication without losing anything in a separate inbox.

Clinic linkTM

Save time and increase satisfaction with self-service support that keeps working even when the office is closed

Provide your leads with access to secure communication, education resources, intake progress and scheduling in an easy to use customer portal.

Reporting and analysis

The power of 360 degree closed-loop reporting at your fingertips.

Dig deep into lead data to identify workflow problems that might be costing you lead conversions and monitor marketing performance with accurate ROI calculations.