Clinic Linkā„¢ Lead Engagement Platform

Increase patient recruitment and improve outcomes for your practice with a marketing platform dedicated to lead engagement.

Because engaged leads are more likely to become patients, Influx MD encourages leads to share in their progress and assist your team when needed. Lead progress, secure forms, profile information, and education materials are available to your leads and patients any time they want it.

What is Clinic Link?

Influx MD Clinic Link is a cloud-based communication center for your leads. All marketing email and transaction email interactions are directed toward Clinic Link so that they can participate in Seminars, online education, use clinic resources, follow their intake progress, and communicate with your team using profile forms or integrated messaging.


Saves time and reduces costs by allowing leads to access a video seminar any time they wish.

Education Programs

Assists your leads to understand their procedure and any pre-surgical or post-surgical instructions with an online education program. Influx tracks lead engagement to ensure compliance and even allows you to quiz leads to ensure understanding.


Simplifies communication for your leads by providing a familiar messaging interface to speak directly to your team.


Provides access to surgical guides, recipes, diet plans or any other resources you wish to provide to help your leads get information whenever they need it.


Keep your leads updated on progress through complex enrollment paths with graphical progress lists showing current position, upcoming tasks and responsibilities.


Include live seminars, education sessions, phone calls, or live coaching meetings into your workflow to ensure leads continue forward momentum through the intake process.


Gather additional information about leads using secure profile forms. Under an additional layer of security, leads can access over ninety profile fields where they can provide insurance, employment and other demographic data of use to the lead enrollment process.

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