Medical Contact Management

Maintain control of leads and contact information in a centrally located contact management system.

Influx MD gathers lead information from multiple sources including online forms, emails, phone call tracking systems, Facebook forms, manual entry and imports from other applications.  From then on, you’ll have every lead, email, message, and pieces of information related to that lead in one location.

How Influx MD Manages Contacts

Each contact entering Influx is processed to ensure the accuracy of the lead database

  1. Anti-Spam: Using third-party anti-spam filtering, Influx MD checks each contact email and flags those that are potential spam records. These records are suspended until checked by an agent and either deleted from the system or added as a record.
  2. Deduplication: Each contact is checked against matches in name, email and phone number. Influx will not allow duplicate emails but will allow a shared phone number or name matches after approval by an agent.
  3. Lead Record:  Once a contact passes spam and deduplication checks it becomes a lead. Influx creates a lead record and from that point forward any information related to the lead will be stored in the lead record.
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