Email Integration in Influx MD

Influx manages all email communication with a dedicated email address used for both sending and receiving email.

Email is usually the most convenient method for communicating with leads. Email from leads is processed and automatically placed into the appropriate lead record where the entire team can review it.

Transactional and Bulk Email

Influx differentiates between emails that must comply with appropriate federal regulations such as CAN-SPAM, and those that do not. Normal business emails are classified as transactional and appear much like any email that would be sent from any email client like Outlook or Mac Mail.

Smart Mail complies with all appropriate regulations and includes additional features such as unsubscribe, preference settings, and forward to a friend options.

Email Tracking

When used in conjunction with our bulk email service, any email sent through InfluxMD generates the following response tracking reports:


Review performance with unique opens, link clicks, and delivery rates.  Devices used and how leads are engaging with your campaigns can be tracked back to the individual lead so that future emails can be optimized for the individual.

Mailbox Performance

Review how individual email provides like Gmail, Yahoo, and Outlook manage your email and quickly identify delivery issues.  Influx shows you top level deliverability data as well as drill downs to the level of complaints and unsubscribe requests.

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