One-Page Lead Record in Influx MD

Influx MD maintains all data related to a lead within a single page to ensure information can be accessed quickly and efficiently.

Lead Tracking in the Lead Record.

All activity related to a lead is maintained in the lead record and is available to any user with appropriate access. The single page format is both intuitive and efficient for agents to access needed information. From within the lead record, agents communicate with a lead using email and text messages keeping all communications in one place and accessible to others who may be involved in the lead intake process.

How the Influx MD Lead Record Improves Lead Management

Configurable Workflow

Influx maintains fully configurable workflows or process maps to help guide leads through complex intake processes and assist agents to maintain an organized methodology for lead management.   

Video Progress

In workflows that include seminars or education videos, lead progress becomes part of the main intake workflow.  Seminars and education programs are seamlessly integrated into the lead path and completely tracked to ensure compliance.

Active record

The current track and all related tasks are shown in the active record along with activity that has occurred since the lead first made contact. The active record shows each completed task, emails received from and sent to the lead and any messages between the lead and agents.


Influx provides over ninety preconfigured profile fields that are easily added to the lead record.  These fields can be completed by the agent or by the lead through Clinic Link.


In many cases a lead may progress through more than one process map. For example, a lead may show interest in one service then change to another or become part of a nurturing workflow. To keep the current map uncluttered, previous map notes are available under the history tab.

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