Reporting and Analysis

Influx MD analyses every lead interaction to identify patterns of value for optimizing your workflow and gaining better results from your marketing.

Identify Problems with Your Workflow

Opportunities for reduction of cycle times and elimination of bottlenecks and choke points are easily identified using visual reporting on all aspects of the sales pipeline. Transparency in all areas of intake workflow allows you to easily spot any areas of process slow-down that may indicate a problem. Setting benchmark metrics at critical points in your lead pathways helps you minimize problems and measure solution effectiveness in real time.

Closed-Loop Reporting

As lead behaviors and preferences are aggregated through your medical marketing automation system, closed-loop reporting demonstrates the value of various external campaigns and the current allocation of your marketing budget. These reports help direct future budget allocations into the most productive marketing strategies.

Measurable Return on Investment

Remove the guesswork for marketing effectiveness with metrics that go far beyond website traffic, view rates, and click-through. Influx MD gives you the full picture for every campaign with end-to-end tracking for any marketing or lead generation goal.

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