Deliver a level of targeting, personalization, and customization unmatched by other medical email marketing systems.

Email Builder

Perfect emails on any device

Easily build responsive emails with a drag and drop email builder that gives you complete control of fonts, colors, layout and content.

List Management

Never misplace another lead

Every lead that goes into Influx is instantly available to your email marketing system.  You can even add more by importing lists from other application.  Influx takes care of unsubscribes, bounces, and inactive emails automatically to ensure each email has the best chance of being successful.

List Segmenting

Right Message at the Right Time

Don’t blast out emails that have no significance to half the people receiving them. List segmenting allows you to easily define who should get your email and who should not. Influx knows everything about the lead and uses it to build smart lists for greater marketing accuracy.  You’ll get better results with highly targeted emails that speak directly to the needs of the lead.

Email Chains

Drive new leads or guide new clients

Create a series of emails and chain them together for a time-based marketing or education program.  Take advantage of smart email content that adjusts to changes in a leads circumstances, so you are always delivering the right content. Email chains even adjust based on interaction by the email recipient.

Smart Mail

Reduce Time from Contact to Conversion

Take your emails communication beyond simple personalization. Smart mail uses information from multiple sources to create an email specifically tailored to each lead.  From personalized greeting to articles and promotions selected from lead engagement history and preferences.

Bulk Email Delivery

Optimized delivery to get your email where it needs to go

Influx MD uses a trusted, proven, and reputable deliverability strategy to ensure your email has the best chance of reaching recipients.  From IP reputation monitoring, isolated sending domains, . Whitelisted by all major ISPs,

Engagement Tracking

Maximize Performance with Email Analytics

Go beyond unique opens, clicks, and delivery rates at the lead level to cumulative data on email provider deliverability, device type interactions, and time of day engagement.