Bulk Email Marketing System

Influx MD partners with a powerful email automation system to deliver superior speed and deliverability for all of your medical practice email needs.

Sending bulk mail is significantly different than normal transactional business email. Influx MD mail delivery goes far beyond traditional email marketing systems. Individually crafted emails are sent through high volume servers where every phase of delivery is checked and logged. The entire delivery process is tracked to create a history for each email so that any delivery issues can be identified and corrected.

IP Reputation Management

Proactive IP management monitors all sending IP addresses to find and correct issues that may interfere with future delivery.  Your email is protected within an isolated domain enabled with SPF and DKIM to optimize your email deliverability.

Two-Way Email

Influx MD doesn’t just send your email, it receives it too.  Responses to calls to action are processed and placed in the lead record as a regular transactional communication. You will never miss an opportunity to engage with leads when they want to engage with you.

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