Drip Campaigns in Influx MD Using Email Chains

Use a series of emails to move leads toward a decision point with Influx MD Chain Mail

Influx MD enhances your medical email marketing with Chain Mail, a series of emails linked together and delivered according to a schedule.  These email campaigns are often referred to as drip campaigns, drip marketing, or marketing automation.

Using event, triggers, automations, and chain emails, Influx MD delivers unparalleled flexibility in email timing allowing medical marketing teams to accurately deliver content at the time it is most needed.

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Capture leads from anywhere using web forms, Facebook, and call tracking.


Move leads smoothly through intake and track every step from beginning to end.


Readiness lead scoring to know when lead is more likely to convert.

Convertng leads


Engage leads not ready to convert and talk until the time is right for them.

Lead nurturing