List Segmenting

Influx MD’s list segmenting capabilities surpass even the most sophisticated bulk email systems.

Almost any data point collected within Influx can be used to target email delivery to appropriate leads. Using benchmark metrics, segments can even be defined on calculated values along with the familiar demographic segmenting data sets.

Layers of List Segmentation Within a Single Email

Smart mail delivers highly targeted email content by taking previously segmented lists and further segmenting them at run time.  Each email is constructed immediately prior to being sent so smart mail can include or exclude content based on the current status of the lead in the sales or intake process using conditions within each section of an email.

Promote at the Right Time

With run-time segmenting, smart mail selects a call to action that is highly relevant to the lead at the moment of delivery. With the precise timing available in smart mail, conversion rates are optimized beyond what email marketing is normally capable of.

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