Smart Mail Content Personalization

Individually personalized for a completely relevant experience.
Smart Mail is what every email system wishes it could be.

Influx takes customization beyond anything you have seen before giving each lead a completely personalized and unique email experience. Smart mail selects articles, videos, and promotions based on a deep profile analysis of every lead. Preferences, sales cycle stage, interests, and any one of hundreds of profile points are used by Influx to automatically develop an email to get the best result. And it all happens without any effort from you or your team. This is automated marketing at its best.

Emails that Give People Information They Want

When you send leads information of value to them they keep accepting it.  Every email that is accepted is an opportunity to reengage and convert the lead. Influx monitors the behavior of your leads and adjusts content to deliver information that the lead demonstrates and interest in.  Using click metrics, survey results, and the lead's stated interests, Influx provides a uniquely valuable email experience for the lead that only improves with time.

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