Manage live seminars, one-on-one sales meetings, and telephone information sessions with an online event scheduler.

Schedule Builder

Powerful Drag and Drop Schedule Development

Easily build agent meeting time-slots and make them available to all of your team to immediately schedule leads for one-on-one sales meetings or information phone calls.

Live Events

Boost Attendance to Seminars

Schedule your live events such as seminars, information sessions and education meetings. Use integrated promotion, registration forms and self-scheduling to boost attendance.

Live Meetings

Agent Scheduling Made Easy

Offering free information sessions or one on one recruitment meetings to leads is a valuable tool for increasing lead conversion.  Use Influx’s built in scheduling system with self-scheduling, notifications and reminders without cluttering your EMR or practice scheduling software with non-patients.

Virtual Meetings

Keep Track of Online Meetings

Conduct telephone, Skype or Google Hangout meetings as part of your enrollment process. Scheduling with Influx MD blocks time on the agent schedule and ensures compliance with notifications and reminders.

Notifications and Reminders

Increase enrollment in Events

Keep everyone up to date with scheduling and changes. Notifications are sent each time a meeting is scheduled or changes. Reminders can be sent regularly leading up to the meeting or event to reduce no shows.


Offer Convenience and Save Time

Give leads an opportunity to set their own schedule without taking your team away from other tasks. Using Clinic Link your leads have complete access to set meetings and change existing meetings as they need to.