Drag and Drop Schedule Builder

Easily organize your service agents within Influx MD by creating day, week and month schedules of availability. 

Segment agent time into blocks for lead phone calls, one-on-one information sessions, group meetings and education sessions.

Use collaborative scheduling to book lead meetings for any agent as part of the intake workflow. Eliminate waiting for leads to get appointments and reduce the risk of losing the lead to competitors.   

Notifications and Reminders

Improve follow through from your leads with immediate appointment notifications and reminders in the days leading up to a meeting. You’ll reduce no shows while using the reminders as opportunities for further engagement and to increase motivation and excitement for meetings.

Simple, Familiar, and Intuitive

Setting up an agent schedule takes only a few minutes. Meeting times become immediately available as part of an intake workflow or available to leads through Clinic Link if you prefer.

Influx MD’s drag and drop schedule builder is designed to be hassle free with important features like schedule conflict resolution, cloned time slots and appointment protection during schedule changes.

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