Medical Lead Management

Finally, Lead Tracking Especially for Medical Practices.

Lead Dashboard

Prioritize tasks quickly and easily

Agent dashboards help your team organize and prioritize their lead responsibilities according to a structured workflow.

Lead Tracking

Never misplace another lead

Lead tracking helps you understand where your leads are coming form and which marketing strategies are generating the best return on investment.

Workflow Engine

Streamline Your Sales Workflow without Changing the Way You Aready Work

Clearly defining your existing sales process through Influx's process mapping system ensures your entire team is on the same page when it comes to handling your potential patients.

Campaign Management

Make the connection between marketing dollars and patients entering your practice

Track any type of online or offline marketing through Influx MD and connect your lead acquisition and conversions to get an accurate measure of investment return.

Marketing Automation

Reduce Time form Contact to Conversion

Marketing automation in medical practices is a relatively low-cost strategy to increase revenue and generate higher patient satisfaction.

Lead Nurturing

More than just Drip Marketing

With Influx, nurturing campaigns are far more than simple autoresponders or drip email campaigns. Using Smart Mail, Influx users information it already has about the lead to select the content and calls to action that are most appropriate based on interests, stage in the sales cycle, engagement, and other behaviors.