Medical Lead Nurturing to Increase Conversions

Capture the leads that would otherwise be lost with long-term lead nurturing campaigns

Not everyone is ready to start a program as soon as they respond to your marketing message.  Most research suggests less than 18% of new leads are ready to convert.  This means more than 80% of your leads will be lost without an effective method for maintaining contact and moving them toward sales closure.

Lead Nurturing focuses on the leads you would normally let slip away

Influx looks for behaviors that indicate the lead is not yet ready to convert and initiates a program of customized emails that maintain a close contact with the lead without any sales pressure.

More than just Drip Emails

With Influx, nurturing campaigns are far more than simple autoresponders or drip email campaigns. Using Smart Mail, Influx uses information it already has about the lead to select the content and calls to action that are most appropriate based on interests, stage in the sales cycle, engagement, and other behaviors.

The result is a personalized series of communication capable of overcoming objections, maintaining interest and moving the lead forward until ready to become a patient for your practice.

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