Influx MD Sales and Marketing Workflow Engine

Streamline Your Sales Workflow without Changing the Way You Already Work.

One of the most difficult things about integrating a lead management process is changing the way your team works. With Influx MD you don’t have to.

Influx MD uses an adaptive workflow technology to emulate your existing processes. This helps your staff get up to speed more quickly and with less stress. The intuitive interface helps your team manage even complex tasks easily and, when they are comfortable with Influx MD, you can start adjusting workflow to improve efficiency and increase revenue.

See Improvements Almost immediately

Clearly defining your existing sales process through Influx’s process mapping system ensures your entire team is on the same page when it comes to handling your potential patients.  Accountability and transparency provide immediate improvements within the sales workflow while greater throughput and improvement in lead scoring develop as your sales process matures.

Close Leads Faster

Efficient handling of leads in your sales pipeline shortens the time between initial contact and lead closure by ensuring all tasks are performed within a defined time window and no tasks are forgotten. Clear and concise communication with leads facilitated through automated reminders and updates keep your leads engaged in the sales process and moves them toward decision making and lead closure.

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