Why Influx MD is the right product for your medical clients.

Influx MD gives your agency a clear competitive advantage

Online marketing for medical practices is highly competitive and long-term success as an agency is all about your ability to prove that you get results.  Believe me, most of your competitors can’t.
Influx MD gives you an enormous advantage over your competitors.  Not only can you show your value to clients, you can use Influx MD to help them take the results of your marketing and turn it into increased revenue. More patient for the practice means longer and more profitable engagements for you.
Many agencies have used Influx MD to extend their services into CRO.  You get more opportunities to add new and profitable services backed by a friendly, knowledgeable team of experts with years of experience in the medical marketing niche.

There's a program suitable for any size agency

Medical practices may be just a percentage of your portfolio or you may specialize (or want to) in this niche.

What kind of client benefits most from Influx MD?

Medical Clients with the most to gain from InfluxMD are those who are incentivized by increased lead conversion.  Surgical programs are generally ideal candidates unless they have a well-established physician referral program and do not rely on direct to consumer marketing.
Medical practices that operate primarily on a fee for service model or offer a high proportion of elective procedures find Influx MD to be especially beneficial.
Examples of these practices are as follows:

How to get started

Influx MD is a serious marketing product that can make a huge difference to the bottom line of your medical practice clients. If you want to give them a competitive advantage at the same time as you increase your agencies potential for additional services and engagements, then get in touch with one of our team for a discussion of how you can put Influx MD to work.

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