Educate and evaluate with our integrated video education platform

Video Management

High Availablity Streaming Video

Register video with influx and have it available for use anywhere in your workflow or as a resource in Clinic Link™

Virtual Seminars

Extend the Reach of Your Seminars

Give seminar attendance a boost with the convenience of anytime availability with carefully crafted video seminars. You’ll reach people who find it difficult to attend scheduled seminar and get the edge on competing practices.

Virtual Classroom

Convenience Driven Education

Integrate education into your workflow and allow your leads to progress through enrollment at their own pace.  Your leads will be more knowledgeable, and you’ll save time during consultations.

Education Evaluation

Drive new leads or guide new patients

Reinforce education programs with short evaluation quizzes to find knowledge deficits that need to be remedied.  Self-grading quizzes provide immediate feedback to leads so they can correct deficits and fully understand the information presented.

Education Documentation

Effortlessly update important records

Maintain a complete record of your lead’s participation in education programs.  Influx MD tracks video views, quizzes, surveys and messages with responses from your team as part of the education record.