Medical Education Evaluation

Self-paced learning with immediate feedback from self-grading quizzes.

Neither you nor your leads are constrained by schedules when it comes to online learning. Influx delivers modules in sequence and, if required, administers a learning evaluation quiz to ensure and document understanding. Evaluation quizzes are automatically graded providing immediate feedback and reinforcement of the learning objectives.

Simple Drag and Drop Quiz Creation

Building a multiple-choice quiz takes only a few minutes with the Influx MD form builder.  Add the question and potential answers. Select the correct answer or answers and let Influx do the rest.  You can even add explanations to enhance learning if an incorrect selection is made.

No Missed Quizzes.

When you make a quiz a required part of your workflow, Influx enforces your wishes and provides multiple reminders to the lead to complete the quiz.  If the quiz is not completed, Influx MD can prevent the lead from moving to another video or simply not allow workflow completion to leave enforcement for the clinic team to handle.  

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