Video Management and Delivery

Take Control of Your Video Content with influx MD and High Availability Video Delivery.

Complex services such as surgical procedures or post-surgical diets can be difficult to explain in words.  That’s why we’ve built a video a seminar and education platform right into Influx MD. Now you can incorporate promotional or educational videos at any point in the sales or enrollment process.

Powerful Video Education

Influx MD doesn’t just publish your video, it provides a full education system ready to help you educate your leads. With a transcript easily available for those who prefer to read text and an integrated quiz feature to evaluate learning, Influx MD stands alone as a powerful education platform for your medical practice. And what's more, education can be built right into your workflow so it becomes a managed part of any intake process.

Video, When, and Where You Need It

Using top-tier content delivery network servers across North America, Influx MD gives every viewer the best playback experience possible.  Video is stored in multiple formats and streams in whichever one best suits the device being used to watch the video. That’s why Influx MD video plays equally well on desktop, tablets, and mobile phones.

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