Video Education in the Virtual Classroom

Extend the reach of your education sessions with sophisticated online education capability

Preparing leads and patients for surgery, or ensuring long-term success with follow up education is time consuming.  A single session is usually not enough to ensure retention and scheduling for group education is usually difficult for one or more participants.

Online learning supplements and reinforces reimbursed education programs to enhance the effectiveness of your education program and provide a valuable resource any time your customers need it.

Using the integrated quiz features. Educators can use prescriptive learning strategies to identify areas of learning weakness and use time in the classroom or during education consults to focus on these areas.

Virtual Classroom for Promotion

Take online learning beyond education and use it to nurture and engage leads.  Value add programs such as lifestyle tips or cooking classes provide numerous opportunities to reengage with leads that are still working toward a decision.  Online training with suitable calls to action are powerful tools for converting leads that might otherwise be lost.

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