Powerful Virtual Seminars to Increase Program Enrollment

Improve seminar attendance and medical program enrollment with online seminars available to leads any time.

There are dozens of reasons people avoid live seminars. Scheduling problems, transportation issues, embarrassment and a host of others. Online seminars solve these issues. With the convenience of watching a seminar at home or anywhere else they choose, you'll see seminar attendance increase immediately.

Save time and money

The cost of having key providers spend their time delivering seminars or education programs is high. Delivering education online can save that time and expense while delivering higher quality learning with better retention.   Influx MD is designed to deliver prescriptive teaching modules that allow your team to focus on the specific learning needs of each patient providing better outcomes at a lower cost.

Comfortable and convenient learning environment

When clients have the flexibility of selecting a time and place where they are comfortable and have fewer distractions, retention of eLearning is improved. Your leads and patients become better informed and you can spend less time on education and more time on providing patient care.

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