Why Influx MD is the right choice for helping you manage marketing and sales

Influx MD can make your difficult job much easier

As a practice administrator you have responsibility for maintaining efficiency and profitability of your medical program.  Influx MD can not only help you create and manage effective workflows but it helps you monitor expenses and effectiveness of your marketing and intake process.

Once implemented, time involved in managing the intake process can be drastically reduced. Using custom reports you can monitor performance and ensure that clients are receiving appropriate attention prior to becoming patients.

Is Influx MD the right choice for your medical practice?

If the profitability of your practice relies on a steady flow of new patients attracted by marketing as opposed to referred by a physician network then Influx MD is probably a great choice.

Influx MD is especially useful if a large percentage of your practice is elective procedures or you use a primarily fee-for-service reimbursement model.  
Influx MD integrates into any practice quickly and adapts its workflow to match you so that your staff do not become overwhelmed by numerous changes all at once.
If you or your team is inexperienced in marketing and sales you can start with our pro service to receive coaching through every part of the setup and ongoing operation.  Or if you really want to push your practice enrollment up a notch consider a fully managed service such as our Elite program.

What you should do next

Influx MD is a serious marketing product that can make a huge difference to the bottom line of your medical practice. Your next step is to learn more about Influx MD and what it can do for your practice so get in touch with one of our team to discuss how you can benefit from Influx MD.

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