Learn from your leads and reduce your team's data input time with contact, registration, survey, quiz and profile forms protected by HIPAA compliant servers.

Form Builder

Powerful Drag and Drop Form Development

Powerful Drag and Drop Form Development with no Coding
Simple or complex, influx uses a drag and drop interface to build your forms in real time.  Changes in your forms are immediately spread to your website so you don’t need a web developer every time you make a change.  

Form Integration

Add Forms to Any Website

Form integration on any website is fast and simple. Take the short snippet of code produced by the form builder and paste it on your webpage where you want the form to appear.  That’s it.  Your form will become part of your website and deliver leads straight to Influx MD.

Contact Forms

Simple and Secure

Simple contact forms can be produced in the form builder in less than a minute.  Using preconfigured fields for, name, email, phone, and more you can simply drag them onto the form and publish it immediately. 

Lead Profile Forms

Verification or Pre-Authorization

Need more information than a standard contact form? Profile forms contain 90+ demographic, insurance, employer, and guarantor related fields to get you started on the verification or preauthorization process. You can gather information right from your website or use the 3 stage security features of your HIPAA compliant Clinic Link™ portal

Registration Forms

Increase Enrollment in Events

Planning a live seminar or other event? Encourage your leads sign up directly from your website or email.


Effortlessly Evaluate Understanding

Want to evaluate understanding during an education program? Use the self-grading online quiz builder to create any length evaluation and attach it directly to your education materials.


Learn From your Leads

When you need to know what your leads and patients think, ask them. Surveys are your secret weapon for building a comprehensive profile about leads to help you better meet their needs and provide additional marketing materials for them that will resonate.