Simple Form Integration on Any Website

Add a short snippet of code to any website to display a secure form for your website visitors.

Delivered from a high availability content delivery network or CDN with locations across North America, your forms are always available on any device.

Create Any Look and Feel

Forms use industry standard CSS formatting so that it is easy to have them conform to your branding or website design.  CSS can be handled locally by your web developer or from within Influx MD when a developer is not available.

Validation and Spam checking built In

Tired of spam results from your website?  Influx MD has built in data validation to ensure information accuracy as well as an integrated anti-spam service to recognize common spammer emails and IP addresses along with foreign language recognition, honey pot fields, and even Captcha if all else fails.

The result is a near perfect record of rejecting or trapping spam before it gets into your lead database.

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