Medical Practice Online Surveys

Easily Create Surveys to Answer Specific Marketing Questions with our Drag and Drop Survey Maker.

Want to know if leads prefer email or phone messages, seminars in the morning or evening or articles about recipes or exercise? Simply add a single question survey to your emails and find out. Not only do you get aggregate data to help you make decisions, but the individual answers add to the lead profile, so Influx can target marketing to individual preferences.

No Coding Required

The familiar drag and drop form builder interface creates reusable surveys in minutes.  You can promote them by email and bring leads to Clinic Link for completion and further engagement.

Creating surveys is fast and intuitive. 

In just a few minutes you can create and deploy a survey that captures greater insight into your target audience and provides opportunities for developing new marketing and engagement strategies.

Influx provides templates for customer satisfaction, customer loyalty, event surveys, and support surveys. You’ll capture meaningful metrics to improve processes or prevent an issue from becoming a problem for your medical business.

Know Where You Stand with Your Customers.

In the age of online reviews, giving customers an opportunity to sing your praises or vent their frustrations in the privacy of a survey is preferable to having them go online and record a complaint before you have the opportunity to respond and correct it.

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