Take control of the buyer’s journey using flexible workflows that match the way you already work. There’s no need to change your intake process. Just recreate workflows, funnels, and pipelines within Influx and start accepting leads through any channel. With your process clearly defined in Influx, your entire team is immediately on the same page when managing potential patients. Linking your marketing campaigns to lead acquisition creates a 360-degree view of where your leads are coming from and which marketing strategies are generating the best return on investment.

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Convert and Manage Medical Leads.

Convert more prospects to patients by streamlining sales, optimizing workflow and automating marketing.

Create customized workflows that exactly match existing sales funnels and lead pipelines assisting your team to adapt to working with Influx quickly.

Link important benchmarks to key performance indicators within your lead management workflow to efficiently identify optimization opportunities that increase conversions of leads to patients.

Improve Sales Efficiency within Your Team

Help team members without sales training or experience by providing a structured workflow for them to follow.

Use integrated video seminars and education as part of your workflow to immediately engage interested leads.

With lead scoring based on lead behavior, your team can prioritize interactions to those leads ready for conversion. Find areas for improvement with agent focused reporting on bottlenecks and funnel leaks allowing you to optimize internal processes with less risk of harming conversions.

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Track Marketing Campaigns.

Track your marketing campaigns from any channel even billboards or TV ads.

Influx provides metrics from capture to conversion and every step in between.

You’ll quickly find the campaigns that provide the highest ROI and those that don’t show a good return. Make smarter decisions about how you allocate your marketing resources to maintain a steady stream of leads down funnels and pipelines.

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